Nutrition chart

Values in 100g of product
Energy 1110 kJ / 263 kcal
Fat 5,7g
of which saturated fatty acids 1,9g
Carbohydrates 43,5g
of which: sugars 4,8g
Proteins 9,4g
Salt 0,7g

Tortelloni ricotta & spinach XXL

We believe you know everything about spinach, but you may not know about ricotta cheese. Ricotta is an Italian fresh cheese with a sweet taste and creamy texture that Italians have been producing since the Bronze Age. Ricotta in translation means “re-cooked” because the production uses whey that remains after the production of other cheeses, which is strained and (again) lightly cooked. Because whey is full of protein, ricotta cheese boasts a low-fat content, light structure, and rich protein. Tortelloni Ricotta & Spinach have won the most demanding palates, so now you can find them in large gourmet forms with multiple fillings at Aurelia outlets.