Lasagne and Cannelloni leaves with Béchamel sauce

Did you know there are people who do not like lasagne? When they tried Aurelia, they started liking it, and now they enjoy this simple, tasty, traditional Italian dish immensely. What makes them so special? Aurelia lasagne need not be pre-cooked because they are fresh pasta – you just have to arrange the sheets in the baking pan and top them with béchamel sauce. And it has never been easier to make béchamel! In every packaging of Aurelia lasagne there is a béchamel sauce that is easily and quickly mixed with milk in a creamy sauce. Lasagne are our favourite dish but also a reliable joker in the kitchen because with a bit of imagination you can always prepare them quickly and in a different, interesting way. When you want to prepare a real surprise, roll fresh lasagne sheets and make cannelloni!



Sanjamo ovo jelo...
Ravioli punjeni sirom, umak od vrškova divljih šparoga i maslaca... i neki fini ribanac


Osjećamo miris proljeća... a jedva čekamo mirisni mladi luk i mladi češnjak!
Nema zdravijeg, ukusnijeg i slađeg dodatka tjesteninama i umacima.


Ukusnu juhu od rajčice možete obogatiti Aurelia tortellonima - 4 vrste sira ili blitva, po izboru!
I ne zaboravite na malo ribanog sira!