About us

The company was established in 2001. Our journey began as a greenfield investment project aiming to get us to development, marketing and introduction of innovative products to the market. This project of ours grew to two factories – one producing fresh pasta and the other taking care of ingredients for baking products. Our fresh pasta production is leading in the domestic market, and all of our other products find their customers domestically and in the international marke


The history of mankind is nothing more but a series of human efforts to accomplish and balance two things – health and happiness.
We acknowledge the power of nature over man and we are trying to understand their relationship better by learning and working.
We consider food consumption to be the highest form of relationship between people and their environment.
Living means building oneself creatively into time and space.


Naše klasje d.o.o. chooses its partners exclusively with respect to the quality of products and services they offer. As we are trying to provide our customers with high-quality, nutritive, and balanced meals, our goal is to produce Aurelia fresh pasta only with the best ingredients – semolina, eggs, cheese, bacon, Dalmatian prosciutto, truffles, spinach, Swiss chard, olives, carrots. For that reason we have been cooperating for years with top-quality producers and partners, such as the award-winning producer of delicious autochthonous cheese – Gligora. Their long-term tradition of production is also a guarantee that we offer a delicious product of the highest quality.